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Growing a Crop After Maize

The ideal crop to plant in October after maize is Westerwolds Ryegrass as growing it gives farmers the opportunity to get an extra 1.5 tonne DM/acre from maize land.


1. Wetserwolds ryegrass can grow better at lower temperature than other ryegrasses.
2. Westerwolds give a better yield of grass in March and April than other grasses.
3. Westerwolds can be cut for silage or used as early grazing before ploughing for the next maize crop in April.


1. Till the top 1 2 inches of the soil with a harrow.
2. Spread 30 35 lbs westerwolds seed/acre.
3. Broadcast 18:6:12 fertiliser.
4. Harrow again (lightly).
5. Roll well.
6. If no artificial fertiliser was used, 1500 gallons of slurry/acre should be spread after rolling. Nitrogen must be applied from January onwards to achieve maximum growth.